About Katelyn


Katelyn is a highly skilled massage therapist who is trained and practiced in a wide variety of modalities. Katelyn graduated from CTAE School of Massage Therapy in 2008 and has spent the years since then further developing her skills to tailor her treatments for each individual patient. From deep tissue and neuromuscular massage therapy to prenatal and sports massage therapy, Katelyn prides herself on her extensive understanding of the human body and works tirelessly to ensure that her time with her patients is well targeted to meet their needs.


Katelyn specializes in medical massage therapy and has pursued additional training to widen her scope of treatment. For patients with neuromuscular complaints, she can create a plan of treatment that alleviates pain and restores muscle function. Chronic migraine sufferers, patients with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue issues find relief through craniosacral therapy.  Muscle pain and tears can be alleviated with massage and Kinesio Taping sessions. Regardless of the complaint, Katelyn’s skills and talents can quickly be targeted to help patients gain mobility and increased quality of life.

Katelyn Laurel

Owner and Licensed Massage Therapist