Deep Tissue Massage

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The main objective of deep tissue massage is to restore structural alignment by releasing blocks and chronic tension within the body’s connective tissue. It is a key technique for releasing muscles fatigued by constant stress and tension as well as muscles damaged or atrophied by disease or trauma.


Deep tissue massage is the modality that penetrates to the deepest layers of muscle tissue, where tension and muscular pain is most often rooted. Relieving chronic pain is often impossible with a light touch. Deep tissue massage is performed with firm precise pressure, allowing the therapist to work between muscle tissue fibers to provide relief.

Who Can Benefit?

Patients with chronic pain, stress and tension find enormous relief from deep tissue massage. Additionally, patients who suffer from muscular atrophy and those with an unhealed injury benefit greatly from deep tissue massage as it promotes optimal healing.  Katelyn has successfully treated patients with Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Stroke, and problems related to post-operative scar tissue, using deep tissue massage.


What to Expect

Deep Tissue Massage is not for luxury and relaxation! This approach may be initially painful as trigger points are manipulated and toxins are released.  As treatments progress, the patient will experience less discomfort as the muscular skeletal system begins to respond to and reap the benefits of each session.


Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

Katelyn is not only trained and experienced in providing effective deep tissue massage but is also certified in Neuromuscular Massage Therapy. Katelyn is able to get relief for her clients by applying pressure to specific trigger points in the bellies of muscles, which assist chronically contracted muscles to relax.


If you seek relief from chronic pain, muscle tension, muscle atrophy or other problems caused by a previous injury or physical trauma - contact Katelyn. She's had success with hundreds of patients just like you.