Himalayan Crystal Salt


Himalayan Crystal Salt is one of the most amazing yet basic health re-discoveries of this century. This unrefined salt originates from the first prime body of the sea known as The Primal Sea. Deep below the surface of the earth, Himalayan Crystal Salt was formed when the primal sea was evaporated by the sun. The Primal Sea is also where scientists believe all life originated. Over millions of years, these salty deposits have been compressed by the land masses formed above them, creating what is now known as Himalayan Pink Salt.

So, What Does This Mean to You and Me?

The purest forms of Himalayan Crystal Salt have miraculous healing properties for our environment and physical bodies. Our air is filled with negative and positive ions. To maintain a healthy atmosphere, these ions - positive and negative - must remain in balance. However, everyday electronic devices and our heating and cooling systems in our homes create an abundance of positive ions, upsetting this balance. The result can be stress on our bodies, sleep disorders, migraine headaches and allergies.

Now we can counteract the effects of these devices, reducing the stress on our bodies and purifying the air with the extraordinary healing properties of Himalayan Crystal Salt. It's the world's only natural ionizer and air purifier! Our Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps create negative ions while naturally emitting a warm, ambient glow. Negative Ions have been shown to alleviate allergies, migraine headaches, depression, and sleep disorders. In addition, negative ions remove indoor pollutants like dust, mildew, humidity and electromagnetic fields from computers, TVs, and other electronic devices. Himalayan Salt candleholders can have a similar ionizing effect and create a relaxing atmosphere as well.

Healing effects and multiple uses of Himalayan Crystal Salt can be found in the book, "Water and Salt, The Essence of Life" by Dr. Barbara Hendel and Peter Ferreira.

Himalayan Rock Salt Products

Himalayan Salt Lamps and Candleholders retain their shape, color, and ionizing effect indefinitely, and can be placed anywhere in your home or office. Our lamps and candleholders come in a variety of sizes, making it easy to find a salt lamp that is right for any size room. Our lamps range from 3 inches and 1-3 pounds to 18-25 inches and up to 130 pounds! Our Himalayan Salt lamps come in either their natural shape or in a variety of hand-crafted designs. All are deep deposit Himalayan Salt for maximum effectiveness.


Care of Crystal Salt Lamps

Taking care of your Crystal Salt Lamps and Candleholders is easy. Just wipe with a dry or damp cloth if needed. Avoid exposing lamps to excessive humidity or rain. As al salt is hygroscopic, which means that it attracts water, it is recommended that you place a plate under your lamp if it is being used in a high humidity climate. This is to avoid damage to your furniture surfaces as water drips from the lamp (which is completely normal in high humidity environments).


Deep Mined Himalayan Salt - What is the Difference?

Not all Himalayan salt is identical. The salt mined at the top layers of the Himalayan salt mines is mere rock salt, which contains impurities making it inferior in quality to our "Deep Mined" product. A salt lamp or candleholder made from an inferior salt is more of a "knick-knack", with little of the benefit obtained from the "pure" Himalayan product harvested deep within the Himalayan Mountain base.